Get results for your clients in a fun and productive challenge.

We’ve done all the work for you, you just market it and put the materials into a group it’s designed to maintain progress and participation.


The 30 Day Challenge Program

Excited to show a new client what it feels like to eat healthy, move and be empowered? Need the perfect program to entice reluctant clients to get started? This program is wrapped up in a beautiful, professional package, ready to go. 

Physician Reviewed and Approved

Help your clients get quick, healthy results while establishing trust and credibility.


Health Professionals

The 30 Day Challenged is designed for you to lead your client naturally into a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month program. Start easy, build trust, and create a long-term relationship with a loyal client.


Daily modules designed in workbooks, and video format.


Connect, inform and sell. Your sales page does that!


Videos that guide your client through the 30 Day Challenge.


We teach you how to setup the Facebook group and email automation.


Share the program easily with pre-made marketing.


Beautiful layouts that are easy to teach and share.


Know exactly what to do for each week of the program.

Designed for You

  • Medical Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chinese Medicine Practitioners
  • Nutritionists
  • Health Coaches
  • Personal Trainers
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Sports Conditioning Specialists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Weight Specialists
  • Life Coaches
  • Longevity Wellness Specialists
  • Holistic Mental Health Professionals
  • Practitioners who want to give their customers a jumpstart and lead them to a larger 3-6-9-12 month commitment

Designed to Help

  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Mindset Motivation
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Weight Loss
  • Energy
  • Nutrition
  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Longevity


Your Client

This is an all natural cleanse.  You have all the tools to safely guide your clients/patients as they learn to visualize results, eat cleansing foods, exercise to enhance the results and establish daily habits that will pay health dividends for many years. 


Grocery lists, weekly meal planner and meal planning lessons.


The 30 Day Challenge is the perfect way to jumpstart your client’s weight loss goals.


Help your client work towards good health and reach their goals.


Add value to your program by creating a community for additional support.


Education on the different types of fitness and how to get started.


Motivate and inspire your client to reach their goals.


Lifestyle tips to keep your client on track with a balanced mindset.


This program can be customized to any dietary theory to fit your customers needs.


Clear clutter and organize your life for success.


Support is built into the program

You don’t have to worry about compiling content, crafting sales copy or designing ads (we’ve done it all for you!). You’ll be supported every step of the way so that you can focus on teaching your client how to let go of what’s not serving them and enjoy life!

Marketing and Sales Funnel


E-newsletters written & ready for your email provider. Each email corresponds with the weekly module.


30 Day Challenge sales page template ready to go with special graphics to use on your website.


Motivating and inspiring facebook graphics to engage your ideal client and grow your reach. 

Setup Manual & Procedures


Multiple material delivery method options including modules, video, & workbooks with step-by-step guides for each.


Detailed Program Guide with challenge instructions, food lists, daily checklists, intake forms, liability information & resources.

Done-for-you Program Materials


The 30 Day Challenge is backed by medical doctors & dietitians so you can feel confident.


Personalization, Website, Dietitian, Personal Trainer are available.


Overview of The 30 Day Challenge

Support for the Coach Side


Setup Guides


Material Outline


Email Templates


Facebook Group Topics & Posters


30 Day Challenge Calendar


Marketing Graphics

Optional Add-ons

Program Customization

After purchasing our programs you have the option of customizing it to your brand. We will personalize it by adding your logo and brand colors. Learn more about these additional services here.

Website (StarterSite®)

We’ve created beautiful, professional and functional starter-sites for you to get your website up and going fast. Add a little or customize a lot, your options are virtually unlimited! Browse our designs here.

Membership Website

We make the delivery of your programs to your clients EASY and professional. By using our Starter-Membership® websites, program materials can be released in an organized, efficient fashion with little effort on your part.

Available with Business Packages

Are you ready to go all in with building your business? Browse our business packages that are loaded with the tools you need including savings on our programs.

Enterprise Licensing

Do you have more than one professional in your business who will be using the 30 Day Challenge? Check out our enterprise pricing options here.

Content for the Client Side


Detailed Challenge Workbook


Motivational Posts


Weight-Loss Tracker


Meal Planning Lesson


Recipe Cards



“Before releasing this program, I put myself through the challenge and lost 8 pounds!  My weight loss was 10 pounds of fat and 2 pounds of water!  That means I gained 4 pounds of muscle!  It is rigorous but invigorating, and I know it will be more fun with a group of people creating a little loving community and competition.”

Cathy Sykora

Relevant Topics

  • Challenge for body, mind, & soul
  • All natural – no powders or shakes to sell
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Adjusts to any dietary theory
  • Lemon water
  • Loaded with bonus information for your clients
  • Shopping list and tips

I’m ready to get people excited about health!

Excited to show a new client what it feels like to eat healthy, move and be empowered? Need the perfect program to entice reluctant clients to get started? This program is wrapped up in a beautiful, professional package, ready to go. Natural, whole-foods. Adapts to any dietary theory. You have all the tools to safely guide your clients/patients as they learn to visualize results, eat healthy foods, exercise to enhance the results and establish daily habits that will pay health dividends for many years. As a coach, you’ll get quick, healthy results for your client, establish trust and credibility, and be in a position to move them up to an appropriate long term program.

Enterprise Pricing


What is the dietary theory?

There are food rules, the number of meals, a list of allowed foods, how much and what to drink, etc. This program is suitable for any dietary theory.

What’s included in the fitness section?

There are fitness challenges daily. Usually am and pm. This program requires some exertion and will be good for people who are physically able to participate in more extreme challenges. There is a tracker that can be kept online or printed out. There are YouTube links for your participants to become familiar with the exercise and form.

What type of recipes?

The recipe cards are blank and are a part of the challenge. The participants will exchange their own recipes.

What will I Receive?

The 30 day challenge is a digital product. It will be ready for download immediately. You will not receive a printed, hard copy book in the mail.

It can be printed at your local printer or by you on your printer or you may purchase a hard copy from us after you have purchased the digital copy. It is beautiful when printed.

How Can I Use This Product?

This program must be used for one on one or group health coaching – it is not for resale to other health coaches.

You should use this program with your clients, and send out worksheets and handouts in advance of your meetings.  You can send it digitally or have it printed out and hand or mail it to your clients.  You can change things, add things in and take things out.  These are specifically designed to be flexible to each coach and client’s needs.  You will need to leave the copyright in place and notate the changes that you made. 

Do I have to be a certified health coach to use this program?

Our programs are meant to be used by all qualified health professionals, including but not limited to health coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, qualified personal trainers, psychologists, nurses, physicians and chiropractors and life coaches.

Can I give the digital books to my clients?


Is customization included with the 30 Day Challenge Program?

We do offer customization!  The pricing is provided on the website.  Check out this link:

Can I edit this program?

You are allowed to edit the program as long as the copyrights for The Health Coach Group remain as is and you notate all additions and changes on the copy.  We have a FREE tutorial on the program access page that teaches you how to edit a Powerpoint.

How do I edit the program myself?

Windows users – PowerPoint, Word or the latest Adobe Acrobat,

Mac users – Keynote or Quikoffice or Office for Mac

The Program was created in PowerPoint to give you more options for use.  You will get best results by editing the PowerPoint Presentation.

Can multiple professionals use the program?

If you have multiple health professionals in your practice who will be using the program with customers, please take a look at our enterprise licensing options here.

guarantee seal

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

By purchasing this program, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Refund Policy: If you purchase this program and don’t absolutely love it, let us know and we will cheerfully refund your payment in full.

To receive the refund:

  1. E-mail us at attaching your receipt.
  2. State your reason for seeking a refund.
  3. Include a note confirming that you have not downloaded or printed out any of the program materials, and that you will not use the program or try to gain access to it in the future.
  4. You must request your refund and provide the above information within 24 hours of purchase.

All Terms & Conditions and all of our copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights remain indefinitely, even after a refund has been provided.

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