Episode 01

It’s no secret the wellness industry has exploded in recent years and there’s a noticeable increase in those who support teaching lifestyle changes as a way to manage health issues. Learn how partnering with a health coach or consultant adds a level of care and increases the benefits you can offer your clients!

In this episode, Cathy discusses the following:

  • How the wellness industry has changed over the years
  • The benefits of adding a health coach or consultant to your practice
  • How having a wellness program can better help your clients 
  • How partnering with a health coach benefits you as a practitioner 
  • Suggestions for setting up your own wellness support program
  • Suggestions for building educational group coaching programs 
  • What kinds of coaches are available to support you
  • 4 Ways to know a coach is ready to work with you  

This podcast is dedicated to providing information to those wanting to deliver better care and support using online wellness programs.

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